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Constitutional law 312 (12 points)


Leader: Professor Jeff Goldsworthy

Clayton Full year 2003 (Day)
Clayton Full year 2004 (Day)

Synopsis: Basic constitutional principles including representative and responsible government, parliamentary sovereignty and separation of powers. The constitutions of the Australian States (emphasising Victoria), the Federal Constitution, Statute of Westminster and Australia Acts. Australian federalism including distribution of legislative and fiscal powers between Commonwealth and States, inconsistency of laws and intergovernmental immunities. Techniques and principles of constitutional interpretation. Principal Commonwealth legislative powers. Limitations on governmental power. Express and Implied Rights.

Assessment: Mid-year test (2.5 hours): 50% and Research paper of 7000-9000 words: 50%

Contact Hours: Three hours of lectures per week and one 1-hour tutorial per fortnight, for the first semester. Individual research during the second semester.

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