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Heritage, History and Archaeology in Victoria (12 points)


Leader: Seamus O'Hanlon and Vincent Clark

Clayton Summer 2003 (Day)

Synopsis: This unit introduces the student to the practical side of archaeology in Victorian sites: excavation and recording techniques, and how to integrate fieldwork results with information preserved in public and private archives. An intensive one-week lecture and seminar program introduces theoretical and technical issues; a three-week period of full-time fieldwork on a historic site within Victoria follows. The student participates in all aspects of archaeological excavation work, records the findings in a detailed, professional manner, and undertakes assessment of the discoveries. The final eight weeks is devoted to archival research and the preparation of a supervised research essay.

Assessment: Archival research assignment (1500 words): 20% + Excavation diary and summary (2500 words): 30% + Research essay (5000 words): 50%

Contact Hours: Summer school with four weeks full-time component

Prohibitions: ARY3240, HYM5380

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