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Archaeology and Archive Studies: Exploring Victoria's Heritage (6 points)


Leader: Vincent Clark, Seamus O'Hanlon and others

Clayton Summer 2003 (Day)

Synopsis: This unit introduces students to the practical side of archaeology: excavation and recording techniques, and how to integrate the results obtained from fieldwork with information preserved in public and private archives. An intensive one week lecture programme introduces theoretical, legal, historical and technical matters; this is followed by three weeks of full-time fieldwork on a historic site in Victoria. During this time the student will experience all aspects of archaeological work and undertake visits to public archives.

Assessment: Excavation diary and summary (2000 words): 45% + Interpretive essay (2500 words): 55%

Prerequisites: A first-year sequence in Archaeology or permission

Prohibitions: HYM4380, HYM5380.

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