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Electrical and electronics drives (4 points)


Leader: W R Perera and J Tulloch

Malaysia First semester 2003 (Day)
Gippsland Second semester 2003 (Day)
Malaysia First semester 2004 (Day)

Synopsis: DC motors: operation, control. AC machines: three-phase induction motors - operation, torque-slip characteristics, starting and speed control; single-phase induction motors - split-phase motors, universal and synchronous reluctance; stepper motors - construction; operation; control and application. DC and AC servo motors: analysis, transfer function and block diagram. Semi conductor switching devices and drivers and their characteristics. Switch mode power supplies, UPS systems, line commutated converters and inverters.

Assessment: Examination (3 hours): 70% + Class tests/assignment: 20% + Laboratory: 10%

Contact Hours: 29 hours lectures/tutorials, 10 hours laboratory, 13 hours supported self-study

Prerequisites: ENG1301 or GEG1503

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