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Electronic circuits (4 points)


Leader: J Tulloch

Gippsland First semester 2003 (OCL)

Synopsis: Resistive circuits: voltage and current sources; dependent sources; Ohm's law; Kirchoff's Laws; resistors in series and in parallel; basic DC meters, d'Arsonval movement; potentiometer circuits. Delta-to-wye equivalent circuit. Circuit analysis: node-voltage method; mesh-current method; Thevenin and Norton equivalents; maximum power transfer; superposition. Inductance and capacitance; response of RL, RC and RLC circuits. Sinusoidal steady-state analysis: complex numbers; phasor analysis; impedance and admittance; phasor diagrams; real and reactive power; complex power.

Assessment: Examination: 75% + Practical and laboratory work: 25%

Contact Hours: 26 lecture hours and 26 laboratory/tutorial hours

Prerequisites: Year 12 Mathematics

Prohibitions: ENG1301

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