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Sociology of Deviance (6 points)


Leader: Lyle Munro

Gippsland First semester 2003 (Day)
Gippsland First semester 2003 (OCL)
Singapore First semester 2003 (OCL)

Synopsis: The unit focuses on a sociological analysis of deviant behaviour by examining a wide range of theoretical perspectives on deviance. The unit considers why and how some behaviours are defined as deviant (eg sexual deviance, delinquency, mental disorders) and other important social problems are not (eg speciesism, sexism, racism). The role of social control agents, particularly in relation to young people, will be examined. Topics to be studied focus on both Australian and overseas experience and examples.

Assessment: Two assignments (1250 words each): 30% each + Examination (2 hours): 40%

Contact Hours: 2 hours per week (1-hour lecture, 1-hour tutoria)

Prerequisites: GSC1201 and GSC1202 or equivalents

Prohibitions: GSC3205

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