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Engineering computer applications (4 points)


Leader: L Spriggs

Gippsland First semester 2003 (OCL)

Synopsis: Systematic definition and characterisation of engineering problems. Determination of software, computer hardware and practical constraints. Selection of appropriate solution techniques for a range of real engineering problems. Construction of an interactive computer simulation/model of typical problems including graphical output, user interaction and their use in forming engineering judgements between options. Validation of models/simulations based on model sensitivity, error analysis and domain applicability. Particular emphasis on the engineering use of advanced spreadsheets.

Assessment: Computer project: 50% + Seminar: 15% + Assignments: 25% + Activities: 10%

Contact Hours: 13 lecture hours, 26 tutorial hours and 26 laboratory hours

Prerequisites: ENG1602 or GEG1133, GEG2136. Substantial completion of second level plus enrolment in other third-level units

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