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Wilderness Studies in Social and Sacred Ecology (12 points)


Leader: Peter Cock

Clayton First semester 2003 (Day)

Synopsis: This unit explores the relationships between the participants and the many habitats of a country place in Victoria. The experience of being in wilderness and in community for 10 days is used to bring the meaning of social and sacred ecology alive. It emphasizes the multi-dimensional human connection to nature - affective, cognitive and behavioural, and compares and contrasts eurocentric and indigenous understandings of the natural world. In this context, the contested nature of the term 'wilderness' and divergent notions of the sacred will be explored.

Assessment: A report of 2000 words 22%, Oral presentation 16%, Short essay of 1500 words 17%, Journal of 1000 words 11%, 2 Practical essays (1000 and 2000 words) 34%

Contact Hours: 3 x 2 hour orientation seminars, 10 day wilderness field trip, and 3 x 2 hour follow up classes.

Prerequisites: Nil. However students are encouraged to take Environmental Psychology (E431) or Sacred Ecology-Social Ecology (ENV427E).

Prohibitions: ENV530E

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