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Social and Sacred Ecology 1 (12 points)


Leader: Dr Peter Cock

Clayton First semester 2004 (Day)

Synopsis: Sacred and Sacred Ecology 1 explores the dialectic of the social and the sacred and examines the synergy between them. It examines the ways different social and religious structures and practices are responding to the ecological crisis locally and globally. It addresses contemporary, cultural, social, religious and philosophical perspectives on the human-nature relationship. In particular, it engages in a critical examination of selected aspects of social and sacred ecology from indigenous perspectives to postmodern re-enchantment of the human-nature connection.

Assessment: Written: one 1500-word review: 10% + one 1500-word paper: 15% + two 1000-word practicals: 20% + one 4000-word report: 40%: Presentations: two x 10min: 10% + Overall participation: 5%

Contact Hours: 2 hour seminar/lecture per week plus 2 off campus weekend intensives

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