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New Critical Approaches (12 points)


Leader: Rachel Fensham

Clayton First semester 2004 (Day)

Synopsis: This unit raises significant issues that might be located in four overlapping domains: anthropology, materialism, phenomenology and geography. We will engage with the ideas and events that have impacted upon our notions of theatre in the last two decades, creating new disciplines and theories, in particular Performance Theory. We will consider the influence of feminist and post-colonial discourses, Australia's global context, gender performance and the diverse means of interpreting artistic form, theatre and its audiences.

Assessment: Researched and referenced paper on a particular question 40%, Research paper on a relevant subject 25%, Development and demonstration of an individual or collective performance 25%, Regular contribution to class discussions 10%

Contact Hours: 2.5 hours class contact, 12 hours private study and 10 hours additional research over an eleven-week program

Prerequisites: Completion of 4th year core unit (DTH4000) and normally at least two other 4th or 5th year units in the program.

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