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Dramatic Criticism, Theory and Methods (12 points)


Leader: Rob Baum

Clayton First semester 2004 (Day)

Synopsis: This unit provides a concentrated study of key theories of dramatic theory and criticism, such as mimesis, tragedy, identification, the split subject and the mise en scene. It will entail a sequence of readings from Plato and Aristotle to Diderot, from Stanislavski and Brecht to Elin Diamond and Rustom Bharucha that provide an historical perspective on how the major ideas that have shaped the discipline of theatre studies. It will also provide students with an opportunity to discuss critical essays in theatre semiotics and cultural analysis of performance. An essential component of the course will be a series of tasks designed to practice the skills and methods of theatre research.

Assessment: An exegesis of one selected essay in dramatic criticism (1500 words) 20%, A class paper on a relevant subject (1500 words) 20%, A long essay (4000 words) 40%, Six theatre research methods exercises (2000 words) 20%

Contact Hours: 2.5 hours class contact, 12 hours private study and 10 hours additional research

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