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Design for Theatre (12 points)


Leader: Michael Coe

Clayton First semester 2004 (Day)

Synopsis: This unit will examine the process of creating a design approach to theatrical production through an understanding of applied aesthetics. It will consider issues of lighting, sound, line, mass and colour, and the ways in which these design elements craft theatre scenography. It will focus on the ways in which specific texts might be interpreted as well as the histories and potentials of specific theatre buildings and structures to the design process. Both the 'craft' and 'art' of the design process will be explored in a practical project that should reflect the theoretical and historical understandings developed in this unit.

Assessment: Practical folio of design for implementation (equivalent 4000 words) 40%, Seminar paper (equivalent 2000 words) 25%, Contribution to class discussion (equivalent 2000 words) 25%, Practical class work (equivalent 1000 words) 10%

Contact Hours: Two hours studio meeting, 12 hours private study and 10 hours practical design analysis and development over an eleven-week program

Corequisites: DTH4000

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