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Language and Society Centre

The Language and Society Centre (LASC) is one of the research and development centres within the National Languages and Literacy Institute of Australia (NLLIA). The centre's major objective is to conduct and disseminate the results of sociolinguistic research, particularly in the areas of language policy in Australia; arresting and reversing language shift; intercultural communication; models and sociolinguistic variables in second language and bilingual programs, especially in primary schools.

This research builds on ongoing research at Monash. The results of research are presented in publications of the centre, the NLLIA and in specially targeted workshops and in-service seminars for parents, community groups, teachers, and others.

Consultancies and commissioned research are accepted in the areas listed above. Prominent overseas scholars are invited to the centre periodically to work within the centre.

The head office of the NLLIA is in Canberra. Its director is Mr Joe lo Bianco. The director of LASC is Professor Michael Clyne, and Dr Heather Lotherington is associate director. The LASC office is maintained by administrative secretary Josephine Wee.

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