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Unsatisfactory progress and exclusion

Students undertaking graduate studies by thesis only may have their candidature terminated if their progress in their research is not considered satisfactory. It is expected that discussions between candidate and supervisor will have given adequate warning if the student's work is not developing satisfactorily. Whenever it has been recommended by the department or centre that a candidature be terminated, the student concerned will be asked if he or she wishes to make representation to the Committee for Graduate Studies before a final decision is made.

Full-time or part-time masters or diploma students who have failed 50 per cent or more of their enrolled subjects in first semester will receive a warning letter that their progress in the course is unsatisfactory.

Students who fail 50 per cent or more of their subjects over the whole year or who fail a subject twice will be asked to show cause to a Graduate Exclusions Committee why they should not be liable for exclusion from the course at the end of the year.

No decision will be taken to exclude a student until the student has been given the opportunity to present a case to the Graduate Exclusions Committee.

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