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Special consideration

A candidate whose work during a teaching period or whose performance in an examination or other assessment has been affected by illness or other serious circumstances may apply in writing to the faculty registrar, care of the graduate studies office, for special consideration by the examiners or board of examiners concerned.

Application forms are available from the graduate studies office and must be lodged no later than forty-eight hours after the candidate's last examination as set out in the examinations time-table or, if the candidate is not undertaking subjects listed in the examinations register, after the last examination for any subject in the Faculty of Arts held in that semester or the last deadline for written pieces of work in the candidate's department or centre of enrolment. Under special circumstances the faculty registrar may accept a late application, if satisfied that a candidate was unable to make the application by the time stated above.

The application must be accompanied by appropriate evidence, such as a medical certificate.

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