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Units indexed by Organisational Unit: School of Chemistry

All Organisational Units

  • CHM1011 Chemistry I
  • CHM1022 Chemistry II
  • CHM1051 Chemistry I advanced
  • CHM1052 Chemistry II advanced
  • CHM2911 Inorganic and organic chemistry
  • CHM2922 Spectroscopy and analytical chemistry
  • CHM2942 Biological chemistry
  • CHM2951 Environmental chemistry - water
  • CHM2962 Food chemistry
  • CHM2990 Introductory chemical research project
  • CHM3180 Materials chemistry
  • CHM3911 Advanced physical chemistry
  • CHM3922 Advanced organic chemistry
  • CHM3930 Medicinal chemistry
  • CHM3941 Advanced inorganic chemistry
  • CHM3952 Advanced analytical chemistry
  • CHM3960 Environmental chemistry
  • CHM3972 Sustainable chemistry
  • CHM3990 Chemistry project
  • CHM4100 Chemistry research project
  • CHM4110 Chemistry research project part time I
  • CHM4120 Chemistry research project part time II
  • CHM4201 Chemistry honours coursework
  • CHM4211 Chemistry honours coursework part time I
  • CHM4221 Chemistry honours coursework part time II
  • ENV3022 Environmental technology