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Units indexed by Organisational Unit: Philosophy

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  • ATS1314 Human rights theory 1
  • ATS1315 Human rights theory 2
  • ATS1371 Life, death and morality (Introduction to philosophy A)
  • ATS1835 Time, self and mind (Introduction to philosophy B)
  • ATS2640 The ethics of global conflict
  • ATS2837 Plato and Platonism
  • ATS2839 Ethics
  • ATS2840 Philosophy of mind
  • ATS2860 After the death of God: Continental philosophy of religion from Nietzsche to today
  • ATS2861 God, freedom and evil
  • ATS2863 Descartes - Foundations of modern European philosophy
  • ATS2865 Language, truth and power
  • ATS2866 Symbolic logic
  • ATS2867 Thinking about science
  • ATS2868 Issues in political theory
  • ATS2871 Environmental ethics
  • ATS2872 Topics in Indian philosophy
  • ATS2946 Critical thinking: How to analyse arguments and improve your reasoning skills
  • ATS3405 Critical theory and poststructuralism: Recent European philosophy
  • ATS3419 Aesthetics and European Philosophy
  • ATS3639 Poverty, climate change and international justice
  • ATS3862 Thinking about religion
  • ATS3869 Political philosophy
  • ATS3870 Philosophy of religion
  • ATS3874 Aristotle and Aristotelianism
  • ATS3876 Theory of knowledge
  • ATS3877 Philosophy of Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir
  • ATS3878 Recent logic
  • ATS3879 Philosophy of language
  • ATS3882 Metaphysics
  • ATS3883 Issues in logical theory
  • ATS3884 Space, time and deity: Themes from Hume and Leibniz
  • ATS3885 Stoic and epicurean philosophy
  • ATS3905 Democratic Theory
  • ATS4868 Philosophy honours A
  • ATS4869 Philosophy honours B