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Units indexed by Organisational Unit: Department of Chemical Engineering

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  • CHE2161 Mechanics of fluids
  • CHE2162 Material and energy balances
  • CHE2163 Heat and mass transfer
  • CHE2164 Thermodynamics I
  • CHE2166 Introduction to process simulation
  • CHE2871 Biochemistry for engineers
  • CHE3161 Chemistry and chemical thermodynamics
  • CHE3162 Process control
  • CHE3163 Sustainable processing I
  • CHE3164 Reaction engineering
  • CHE3165 Separation processes
  • CHE3166 Process design
  • CHE3167 Transport phenomena and numerical methods
  • CHE3171 Bioprocess technology
  • CHE3172 Nanotechnology and materials 1
  • CHE3175 Sustainable process engineering case studies
  • CHE4161 Engineer in society
  • CHE4162 Particle technology
  • CHE4164 Integrated industrial project
  • CHE4170 Design project
  • CHE4171 Biochemical engineering
  • CHE4172 Nanotechnology and materials 2
  • CHE4173 Sustainable processing 2
  • CHE4180 Chemical engineering project
  • CHE5167 Pulp and paper laboratory
  • CHE5201 Special topics
  • CHE5290 Biomass resource and its utilisation
  • CHE5291 Engineering aspects of biomass pulping
  • CHE5293 Processing fibres into paper
  • CHE5294 Performance of paper products
  • CHE5295 Control of processes and quality
  • CHE5296 Minimising environmental impact
  • CHE5298 Biorefinery foundations
  • CHE5299 Biorefinery processes
  • CHE5881 Advanced reaction engineering
  • CHE5882 Biomass and biorefineries
  • CHE5883 Nanostructured membranes for separation and energy production
  • CHE5884 Process modeling and optimisation
  • CHE5885 Principles and practices for sustainable development
  • CHE6881 Advanced reaction engineering
  • CHE6882 Biomass and biorefineries
  • CHE6883 Nanostructured membranes for separation and energy production
  • CHE6884 Process modeling and optimisation
  • CHE6885 Principles and practices for sustainable development