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6 points, SCA Band 1, 0.125 EFTSL

Undergraduate - Unit

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Art, Design and Architecture

Organisational Unit

Department of Design


Ms Robyn Robins



  • Second semester 2016 (Day)


The unit provides a greater understanding of design studio operation and management. Topics centre around the operation of a small business (design studio) and include setting a foundation for the business (goals and objectives), marketing principles for gaining clients, client relationship management, project management, costing projects, writing fee proposals, job cost reconciliation, establishing a schedule of fees, overview of tax systems and company structures (incorporated companies, sole trader, GST and other tax obligations) and understanding resourcing for small business. The perspective will be on professional practice and conduct.


On successful completion of this unit students should:

  1. comprehend the essential business principles for running a design and/or multimedia studio
  2. build the foundations for personal and business achievement
  3. be able to establish fees, new business marketing and negotiation
  4. be aware of business practice issues associated with project and people management
  5. possess personal and written presentation skills
  6. comprehend the OHSE obligations of small business operators


One minor written assignment (20%)
One major written assignment (50%)
One oral presentation (30%)

Workload requirements

12 hours per week, including 4 contact hours and 8 independent study hours

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Chief examiner(s)


DGN3106 or IDE3116 or IDE3106 or MMD3306 or MMD3308 or MMD3706 or VCO3106 or VCO3006