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Undergraduate - Unit

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Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences

Organisational Unit

Department of Occupational Therapy


Dr Mong-Lin Yu



  • First semester 2016 (Day)


Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (Honours) must complete fieldwork placements to satisfy the professional requirements that a sufficient period of supervised practice be completed prior to graduation and application for registration issued by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency. This 6 week fieldwork placement unit plays an important part in consolidating student application of professional knowledge, attitudes and skills.


Upon successful completion of this unit, students should be able to:

  1. Take responsibility for own attitudes and behaviour, as demonstrated by acknowledging prejudices, limitations, and lack of knowledge, and commitment to change and growth as a result of professional development, and reflective learning.
  2. Demonstrate skills in self-assessment and be able to act on feedback received, as well as provide constructive feedback to others in a practice situation.
  3. Apply to practice the occupational therapy theories on the relationship between the person, the environment (physical, social, institutional and cultural) and occupation as the basis for occupational therapy practice.
  4. Synthesise the complex interacting factors that contribute to notions of culture and cultural relationships, health and illness and multicultural diversity to professional practice and citizenship.
  5. Describe, critique and apply best evidence available for occupational therapy individual and group intervention strategies, methods and modalities used with clients of occupational therapy presenting with occupational performance challenges.
  6. Demonstrate integrated professional reasoning (involving the threshold concepts of purposeful and meaningful occupation, client-centred/family centred practice, occupational therapy theory and practice, identity as an occupational therapist, and thinking critically, reasoning and reflecting) in the development and implementation of occupationally relevant intervention strategies.
  7. Write relevant, concise and comprehensive reports and substantiate both written and oral reports with information from assessments, observations and interviews.
  8. Communicate and work collaboratively with clients and all staff, including other members of the team, and be able to refer appropriately to optimise client health care.
  9. Maintain the legal, ethical and professional standards and emergency procedures set by the facility, Monash University and OT Australia code of ethics.


Clinical placement: 6 weeks.


Satisfactory completion and submission of signed time sheet from 6 week (or equivalent hours) fieldwork placement.
Completion and submission of the Student Review of Placement form.
Satisfactory completion of the fieldwork component as assessed through the Student Placement Evaluation Form Revised (SPEF-R).
Completion and submission of the learning contract.
Completion and submission of the reflective statement.

Workload requirements

6 weeks of clinical placement.

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