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Monash University

12 points, SCA Band 1, 0.250 EFTSL

Undergraduate - Unit

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Art, Design and Architecture

Organisational Unit

Department of Design


Mr Warren Taylor



  • Second semester 2016 (Day)


Communication Design Studio 3B will advance to a high level the practical, technical and conceptual skills developed in CDS2001 and CDS2002. Having been exposed to a broad range of creative communication processes in the prerequisite units, students will be required to identify an area of specialisation in which to participate in CDS3002. Students may choose to continue the same area as that selected in CDS3001 to hone their specialist skills, or opt for a different area in order to broaden their expertise. Specialisation areas will be identified upon enrolment into the unit and may include (but will not be limited to) publication design, typography, image, brand, animation, sound and motion, interactivity and others areas that develop as the communication design field continues to broaden.
Within their area of specialisation students will explore the breadth of communication possibilities through a carefully composed program of studio-based projects relevant to their chosen area. These projects, though different in each specialisation, will be comparable in assessment tasks and learning outcomes. Within each studio, students will develop their skills in both the technology and conceptual thinking required of their specialisation to high level of competency.
Students will be encouraged to approach this unit with the utmost care in their selection of specialisation. General exposure to the areas of specialisation will have occurred throughout the preceding units, but counselling from the unit chief examiner and course coordinator will be made available to assist students' selection of their particular area of study.

The projects undertaken in CDS3002 will contribute towards a body of work intended to demonstrate the student's refined level of competence within the communication design field, and assist them to either progress into further study or gain appropriate employment in the communication design arena.


On successful completion of this unit, students will:

  1. Engage with the communication design process to plan and manage their design outcome from initial research and concept development to final resolution.
  2. Construct communication design solutions utilising the media and processes expected in their specialisation.
  3. Produce design solutions that demonstrate a clear understanding of communication conventions, but with an open attitude to enquiry and experimentation.
  4. Identify and expertly use the technology appropriate for each design outcome.
  5. Critically assess their design solutions in order to improve their final outcome;
  6. Create a body of work indicative of their highest level of competency to showcase their abilities to potential employers or aptitude for further education.
  7. Understand and apply the occupational health and safety requirements appropriate to the discipline practice.


100% mixed mode

Workload requirements

8 contact hours plus 16 hours of private study hours per week.

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