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  • APG5059 Internship (postgraduate)
  • APG5201 Intensive intermediate Indonesian for fieldwork
  • APG5202 Intensive Introductory Indonesian for Fieldwork
  • APG5207 Intensive Introductory Spanish for fieldwork
  • APG5208 Intensive intermediate Spanish for fieldwork
  • APR5021 Research methods in linguistics and applied linguistics
  • APR6021 Research methods in linguistics and applied linguistics
  • ATS1319 Understanding Asia: An introduction to Asian history and culture
  • ATS2412 Foreign bodies: Reading world crime fiction
  • ATS2422 Literature and romanticism
  • ATS2941 Asia's underside: Violence, crime and protest
  • ATS3018 Writing the Nation
  • ATS3040 Cultures of remembrance
  • ATS3064 Intercultural communication: Developing competences in a multicultural context
  • ATS3083 Translating across cultures
  • ATS3138 Special reading unit 2
  • ATS3139 Extended major research unit
  • ATS3407 Reading Freud and Jung
  • ATS3421 Literature and modernism
  • ATS3525 The idea of Europe
  • ATS3948 Internship (undergraduate)
  • ATS3952 The world of textiles
  • ATS4137 Special reading unit 1 (Honours)
  • ATS4653 Honours workshop
  • MON3002 Global connections: Understanding cultural literacy
  • MON3004 Forms of identity
  • MON3005 Digital humanities: Expanding research paradigms