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Managing facultyFaculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences
Offered bySchool of Psychological Sciences


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Forensic behavioural science is an emerging field of discourse at the interface of human services and criminal justice systems, which draws on a range of disciplines including psychology, psychiatry, nursing, criminology, law, social work and ethics.

At Monash, course offering forensic behavioural science have been developed to enhance the knowledge and skills of a broad range of professionals working with people displaying antisocial and criminal behaviour. They address both assessment and management issues, and assists professionals to incorporate 'best practice' principles into their daily work practices.


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Relevant courses

  • 2970 Master of Biomedical Science (Part 1)*
  • 2977 Master of Biomedical Science*
  • 4508 Master of Mental Health Science
  • 3438 Master of Philosophy*
  • 3852 Doctor of Medicine (Supervised)*
  • 0047 Doctor of Philosophy*

* By research.