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Students who commenced study in 2015 should refer to this area of study entry for direction on the requirements; to check which units are currently available for enrolment, refer to the unit indexes in the the current edition of the Handbook. If you have any queries contact the managing faculty for your area of study.

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Managing facultyFaculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences
Offered bySchool of Biomedical Sciences


  • Unit codes that are not linked to their entry in the Handbook are not available for study in the current year.


Postgraduate study in this area provides science graduates and health professionals with advanced practical and theoretical training in clinical embryology and is designed to equip graduates with the knowledge and skills required to work in or manage an IVF facility.

A clinical embryologist requires knowledge and understanding of mammalian embryology, treatment strategies for infertility, all IVF processes, cryopreservation and pre-implantation diagnosis along with a clear understanding of total quality management and ethics in IVF.

At Monash, students undertake a range of activities which provide skills training in IVF processes such as embryo handling, andrology, IVF, slow feezing, vitrification, ICSI and biopsy, are provided the opportunity to experience training in research methods and statistics by undertaking a minor research project.


For the schedule of units required to complete a given course in this area of study, refer to the Handbook entry for the relevant course.

Contact details

Postgraduate course administrator: telephone +61 3 9594 7374; email or visit

Research Degrees Office: telephone +61 3 9905 4313; email or visit

Relevant courses

  • 0101 Graduate Diploma in Reproductive Sciences
  • 2970 Master of Biomedical Science (Part 1)*
  • 2977 Master of Biomedical Science*
  • 2309 Master of Clinical Embryology
  • 3438 Master of Philosophy*
  • 0100 Master of Reproductive Sciences*
  • 3852 Doctor of Medicine (Supervised)*
  • 0047 Doctor of Philosophy*

* By research.