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Other codes

  • TAD1101 Introduction to visual culture in art design and architecture
  • TAD1102 Modernism and the avant-gardes
  • TAD2102 Post-war practices 2A
  • TAD2109 Constructing art in Australia: colonialism to postcolonialism 2
  • TAD2138 Space, Place and Society
  • TAD2203 History and criticism of interiors and furniture 2A
  • TAD2206 Ornament, meaning and design 2A
  • TAD2207 Popular culture and contemporary communication 2
  • TAD2214 Critical issues in design
  • TAD3102 Post-war practices 3A
  • TAD3105 Contemporary International Art since 1989
  • TAD3203 History and criticism of interiors and furniture 3A
  • TAD3206 Ornament, meaning and design 3A
  • TAD3214 Contemporary discourse in design
  • TAD4503 Advanced art theory
  • TAD4504 Art Theory Research Seminar
  • TAD4523 Design research methods and seminar
  • TAD4542 Research seminar in design
  • TAD4793 Issues for multimedia practice
  • TAD4794 Multimedia and society
  • TDN1002 Design and the avant-garde
  • TDN2001 Sociologies of design
  • TDN2002 Communication design theory
  • TDN4001 Research methods in industrial design
  • TDN4401 Human factors for interaction design
  • TRC2000 Mechatronics project I
  • TRC2200 Thermo-fluids and power systems
  • TRC2201 Mechanics
  • TRC3000 Mechatronics project II
  • TRC3200 Dynamical systems
  • TRC3500 Sensors and artificial perception
  • TRC3600 Modelling and control
  • TRC3801 Mechatronics and manufacturing
  • TRC4000 Mechatronics final year project I
  • TRC4001 Mechatronics final year project II
  • TRC4002 Professional practice
  • TRC4100 Bio-interfacing devices
  • TRC4800 Robotics
  • TRC4900 Real time embedded systems
  • TRC4901 Computation intelligence and AI