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Units indexed by Organisational Unit: Physical Geography

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  • APG4427 Frontiers in sustainability and environment
  • APG4430 Ecological systems and management
  • APG4887 Designing Urban Futures: Urban Climate, Water and Adaptation
  • APG4902 Geopolitics of climate change
  • ATS1301 Australian physical environments: Evolution, status and management
  • ATS1310 Natural hazards and Human vulnerability
  • ATS2545 Environmental hydrology
  • ATS2774 Understanding Australian landscapes: soil-vegetation dynamics
  • ATS2776 Climatology: Land, ecosystems and the atmosphere
  • ATS2779 Climate change and variability
  • ATS3281 Cultural landscape, environment and sustainability in Italy
  • ATS3545 Environmental hydrology
  • ATS3558 Global Change and the Earth System
  • ATS3788 Soils, landscape and their management
  • ATS3790 Landscape processes
  • ATS3791 Environmental change: past to future
  • ATS3887 Designing Urban Futures: Urban Climate, Water and Adaptation
  • ATS3902 Geopolitics of climate change
  • ATS4902 Geopolitics of climate change