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  • ASC4100 Honours research project
  • ASC4200 Honours coursework
  • BIO1711 Vertebrate biology
  • BIO1722 Cell biology
  • BIO2710 Animal management and disease
  • BIO2721 Human development and genetics
  • BIO2752 Principles of physiology
  • BTH2732 Recombinant DNA technology
  • BTH2741 Biochemistry
  • BTH2752 Cellular metabolism
  • BTH3711 Food and industrial microbiology
  • BTH3722 Medical microbiology
  • BTH3732 Environmental microbiology
  • BTH3741 Medical cell biology
  • BTH3752 Molecular biology and biotechnology
  • CHM2741 Instrumental analysis
  • CHM2752 Chemistry of the environment
  • CHM2762 Design of molecules and macromolecules
  • CHM3742 Chemistry of the environment 2
  • ENV1711 Ecological systems and the environment
  • ENV1722 Geophysical systems and the environment
  • ENV2712 Biology and diversity
  • ENV2726 Ecosystems and bioresources
  • ENV2747 Soil science
  • ENV3639 Minerals and energy
  • ENV3711 Natural area management
  • ENV3737 Tools for environmental management
  • ENV3761 Waste management and remediation
  • MGE4101 Geology for engineers
  • MGE4102 Surface water hydrology
  • MGE4103 Soil and rock mechanics
  • MGE4104 Mathematical and statistical methods in geo-engineering
  • MGE4105 Foundation research module 1
  • MGE4106 Foundation research module 2
  • SCI3716 Laboratory and workplace management
  • SCI3790 Science in action communication project
  • STA2216 Data analysis for science