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Units indexed by Organisational Unit: Department of Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering

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  • ECE2011 Signal processing
  • ECE2021 Electromagnetism
  • ECE2031 Circuits and control
  • ECE2041 Telecommunications
  • ECE2061 Analogue electronics
  • ECE2071 Computer organisation and programming
  • ECE2072 Digital systems
  • ECE3022 Wireless and Guided EM
  • ECE3031 Control systems
  • ECE3051 Electrical energy systems
  • ECE3062 Electronic systems and control
  • ECE3073 Computer systems
  • ECE3091 Engineering design
  • ECE3092 Systems engineering and reliability analysis
  • ECE3093 Optimisation estimation and numerical methods
  • ECE4012 Applied digital signal processing
  • ECE4023 Radio frequency electronics
  • ECE4024 Wireless communications
  • ECE4032 Advanced control
  • ECE4033 Industrial instrumentation and measurement technologies
  • ECE4042 Communications theory
  • ECE4043 Optical communications
  • ECE4044 Telecommunications protocols
  • ECE4045 Network performance
  • ECE4053 Electrical energy - generation and supply
  • ECE4054 Electrical energy - power converters and motor control
  • ECE4055 Electrical energy - power electronic applications
  • ECE4058 Electrical energy - high voltage engineering
  • ECE4063 Large scale digital design
  • ECE4064 Electronic test technology
  • ECE4074 Advanced computer architecture
  • ECE4075 Real time embedded systems
  • ECE4076 Computer vision
  • ECE4077 Advanced computing techniques
  • ECE4078 Intelligent robotics
  • ECE4081 Medical instrumentation
  • ECE4084 Biomechanics of human musculoskeletal systems
  • ECE4086 Medical imaging technology
  • ECE4087 Medical technology innovation
  • ECE4094 Project A
  • ECE4095 Project B
  • ECE4099 Professional practice
  • ECE4808 Organic Electronics and Micro Devices
  • ECE4809 Solid State Lighting
  • TRC4100 Bio-interfacing devices