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Units indexed by Organisational Unit: Criminology

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  • APG5395 Managing criminal justice issues
  • ATS1281 Understanding crime
  • ATS1282 Criminal justice in action: Police, courts and corrections
  • ATS2056 Race, crime and justice
  • ATS2457 Crime and the media
  • ATS2458 Policing and society
  • ATS2459 Prisons, power and justice
  • ATS2460 Drugs, crime and society
  • ATS2462 International crime and justice
  • ATS2464 Comparative criminology
  • ATS2465 Crime and human rights in a global era
  • ATS2466 Sex and crime
  • ATS2469 Victimology
  • ATS2937 Contemporary issues in Italian criminal justice
  • ATS3004 Crime, risk and security
  • ATS3457 Crime and the media
  • ATS3458 Policing and society
  • ATS3459 Prisons, power and justice
  • ATS3460 Drugs, crime and society
  • ATS3462 International crime and justice
  • ATS3464 Comparative criminology
  • ATS3465 Crime and human rights in a global era
  • ATS3466 Sex and crime
  • ATS3469 Victimology
  • ATS3937 Contemporary Issues in Italian Criminal Justice
  • ATS4699 Criminology and criminal justice for the 21st century
  • ATS4735 Criminal Justice Honours Thesis Part 1
  • ATS4736 Criminal Justice Honours Thesis Part 2
  • ATS4737 Researching criminal justice