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Medical Ultrasound is a method of the many 'modalities' that is encountered in the medical imaging department. Its distinctive feature is that it uses high frequency ultrasound to construct an image rather than the traditional x-ray. This means that it is a safe, non-invasive means of creating cross sectional images of the human body. It is also a relatively cost-effective means of imaging.

Ultrasound is used in abdominal, gynaecological and paediatric assessment. The technology enables us to see the movement of organs, see their structure in 3D, and image their microvasculature.

In obstetrics, nearly all pregnant women at some stage see their developing fetus with this technology. While this is going on, they also experience an important medical test which will assist their management. Ultrasound however is used with great diversity beyond obstetrics.

Vascular ultrasound, for instance, allows us to see the blood flow in real-time thus making it possible to discern stenoses in the arteries, or thrombosis of the veins. Musculoskeletal ultrasound allows us to image tiny tendons and nerves for degeneration or tears.


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  • 2970 Master of Biomedical Science (Part 1)*
  • 2977 Master of Biomedical Science*
  • 3433 Master of Medical Ultrasound
  • 3889 Master of Medical Radiations
  • 3438 Master of Philosophy*
  • 3852 Doctor of Medicine (Supervised)*
  • 0047 Doctor of Philosophy*

* By research.