index-bypassport-internship (act program)

Monash University

Units indexed by Monash Passport: Internship (Act Program)

  • AFC2888 Industry-based learning period A
  • AFC3888 Industry-based learning period B
  • APG4443 European Union/Diplomacy and Trade Internship
  • APG5443 European Union/Diplomacy and Trade Internship
  • APG5718 Industry Internship
  • APG5763 Sustainability internship
  • APG5773 Film festivals and internship
  • APG5866 Publishing internship project
  • ATS3796 Industry placement
  • ATS3811 Journalism professional placement
  • ATS3839 Public relations internship
  • BEW3100 Work placement program
  • BEW3150 Industry based learning program
  • BEX3006 Industry based learning project
  • BEX3012 Industry based learning project
  • BEX3024 Industry based learning project
  • BEX3106 Industry based learning project
  • BEX3112 Industry based learning project
  • BEX3124 Industry based learning project
  • EDF3323 Inquiry in professional practice: child care
  • EDF4311 Professional contexts 1
  • FIT2032 Industry-based learning
  • FIT3045 Industry-based learning
  • IBL2030 Industry based learning: Science
  • LAW5901 Research practicum
  • MED2031 Medicine 3
  • PAC4371 Professional experience placement program
  • PGP5011 Applied pharmacy practice I
  • PGP5012 Applied pharmacy practice II
  • VIS3101 Co-operative Work Experience