Units indexed by Mode: DE-ONLINE

  • LAW7281 The expert witness in the adversary system
  • LAW7282 Pre trial analysis and preparation
  • LAW7283 Loss, causation and damages
  • LAW7284 The expert witness in the courtroom
  • MKF5200 Assessing marketing performance
  • MKF5231 Strategic brand management
  • MKF5280 Sustainable Marketing
  • MKF5630 Services marketing
  • MKF9110 Theory and process of buyer behaviour
  • MKF9120 Marketing research
  • MKF9810 Retailing
  • MKX5241 Sport marketing and sponsorship
  • MKX5251 Case studies in marketing strategy
  • MKX5260 International marketing
  • MKX5561 E-marketing
  • MKX9160 Foundations of marketing
  • MKX9261 Integrated marketing communication