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Monash University

Monash University Handbook 2011 Postgraduate - Unit

12 points, SCA Band 1, 0.250 EFTSL

Refer to the specific census and withdrawal dates for the semester(s) in which this unit is offered.

FacultyFaculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences
OfferedClayton First semester 2011 (Day)
Clayton Second semester 2011 (Day)
Coordinator(s)Ms Ann Kempe


This unit has a strong focus on the theory and practice underpinning working with organizations, individuals, families, groups and communities. Through discursive lectures, tutorials and interactive online sessions, students will be able to examine health care system organisational structures. The concept of clinical governance and its role in quality health care provision is explored and debated. Contemporary leadership and management styles are evaluated in the context of diverse health care environments. Theories of change management are considered and the practical application of change management strategies is examined. Skills in communication for the purpose of enhancing therapeutic relationships and ultimately ensuring quality health care are developed through studies in this unit. Students engage in in-depth analysis of the various human growth and development theories. These theoretical concepts provide a foundation for students to explore aspects of the social model of health, with a particular emphasis on the provision of health care to vulnerable populations. Awareness and appreciation of cultural diversity and the development of therapeutic engagement with these groups will be central to the learning milieu of this unit.


On successful completion of this unit students will be able to:

  1. describe how organisational cultures related to health care settings impact on care delivery in Australia;
  2. discuss the concept of clinical governance and its role in the provision of quality health care;
  3. compare and contrast various leadership and management styles used in health care globally and in Australia;
  4. explore change management strategies used in health care settings;
  5. identify and overcome barriers and promote opportunities for the development of effective organisational and therapeutic communication;
  6. examine human growth and development theories that underpin the practice of nursing;
  7. discuss the impact of cultural diversity on health and illness behaviour;
  8. assess and appropriately intervene to promote and maintain the health of individuals, families, groups and communities, with particular emphasis on the needs of vulnerable populations; and
  9. critique evidence used to support best nursing practice.


Essay (3500 words)( 30%)
Tutorial presentation and written report (20%)
2 x 1 hour examinations (40%overall each worth 20%)
Compulsory online activity (10%)

Chief examiner(s)

Ms Anne Kempe

Contact hours

Weekly workload requirement: Lectures (3 hours), Tutorials (1 hour), Online learning activities (2hour) In addition, students will be required to 200 hours self-directed learning over the semester.


NUR5011, NUR5111