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Monash University Handbook 2011 Undergraduate - Course

This course entry should be read in conjunction with information provided in the 'Faculty information' section of this Handbook by the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences

Managing facultyMedicine, Nursing and Health Sciences
Abbreviated titleBA/BSW(Hons)
Total credit points required216
Standard duration of study (years)4 years FT, 8 years PT
Study mode and locationOn-campus (Caulfield)
Off-campus (Caulfield)
Multi-modal (Caulfield)
Admission, fee and application details
Contact details

Telephone: +61 3 9903 1047, email: or visit

Course coordinator

Dr Catherine Flynn


  • This course is not available to international student visa holders.
  • To complete the degree requirements within four years it is necessary for students to overload in year four (or part-time equivalent).


This honours course allows students who are enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Social Work to undertake social work honours in the fourth year of the double degree. Entry to honours is by invitation to students who have achieved grades of at least distinction level in third year social work units.

The course aims to develop skills necessary for research by studying the methodological, theoretical and ethical issues that underpin social work research. Students are provided with the same learning and practice opportunities as students in the pass degree, however, the honours program also aims to reward academic excellence. Students in the honours program are expected to develop and complete a research project which will include a critical literature review, ethics approval where indicated and a 10,000 word thesis.


At the conclusion of the honours programs students will:

  • understand the theoretical, methodological and ethical issues that underpin research
  • understand how to undertake a research project and write a research report
  • understand the nature of the research process including the formulation of research questions and the development of an appropriate research methodology
  • be able to articulate a range of quantitative and qualitative research frameworks
  • be able to utilise data analysis methods associated with the various research frameworks
  • be able to develop a relevant ethics application
  • understand the structure needed to write a research report
  • have skills in presenting a research proposal to other students and staff and learning from the feedback received
  • have completed a thesis of approximately 10,000 words
  • be able to undertake further research in other contexts.

Credit for prior studies

Credit will be granted for units successfully completed in the first three years of the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Social Work.

Entry requirements

Entry to honours is by invitation to students who have achieved high grades in third year social work units.

Special requirements

Police and Working with Children Checks

Organisations that host clinical and community placements require students to have current Police police and Working with Children checks regarding their suitability to undertake such placements. All enrolled and prospective students are advised that they will be required to obtain Police these checks prior to undertaking their course. Working with Children checks are valid for five years and are available free. Police checks must be applied and paid for annually, however, in some community partnered programs there may be a requirement to have a police check renewed every six months..


Fieldwork practice units

This course requires students to undertake off-campus fieldwork placements. In the fieldwork setting students will have an opportunity to apply theory to practice under supervision. Attendance is mandatory for the fieldwork component of each unit.

Where a student's skill or knowledge is found to be inadequate, access to the fieldwork component of the unit will be denied. A student may be withdrawn from a fieldwork practicum if required skills and knowledge are deemed inadequate, or on other grounds deemed appropriate by the head of school.

Fieldwork expenses

Students are responsible for all travel and accommodation expenses during fieldwork placements.

Professional recognition

This course has been accredited by the Australian Association of Social Workers.


Students complete two semesters of study of 'the individual' (eg psychology, behavioural studies) and two semesters of 'society' (eg sociology, anthropology, gender studies, philosophy, politics, Australian studies and at least one unit in Australian Indigenous studies).

The course is undertaken in the following sequence:

(a.) first year is comprised of seven arts and one social work unit

(b.) second year is comprised of five arts units and three social work units

(c.) third year includes three arts units (which complete the major sequence); the rest are social work units (including the first field placement)

(d.) the final year is comprised of social work units only, including the second field placement and the honours component.

Arts component

The arts component must include a major and minor study as follows:

  • arts discipline major (48 points)
  • arts discipline minor in a different area of study (24 points)
  • an additional arts discipline first-year sequence in a third area of study(12 points)
  • a further 6 points in arts units

Social work component

All social work units are compulsory core units.


First year

First semester

  • SWK1011 Introduction to Social Work
  • three first-year arts units

Second semester

  • four first-year arts units

Second year

First semester

  • SWK3220 Social work in society
  • SWK3250 Social work perspectives on human development
  • two second-year arts units

Second semester

  • SWK3260 Social policy and social justice 1
  • two second-year arts units
  • one second or third-year arts unit*

Third year

First semester

  • SWK3230 Social work research
  • SWK3240 Working with individuals: Theory and practice
  • two third-year arts units

Second semester

  • SWK3120 Working with families and groups: Theory and practice
  • SWK3180 Fieldwork skills and practicum 1 (12 points)
  • one third-year arts unit

Fourth year

First semester

  • SWK4001 Honours research methods (6 points)
  • SWK4410 Community work: Theory and practice
  • SWK4420 Community health and mental health
  • SWK4430 Cross-cultural social work: Theory and practice
  • SWK4440 Social work management: Theory and practice

Second semester

  • SWK4002 Honours project seminar (6 points)
  • SWK4003 Honours dissertation (12 points)
  • SWK4450 Social policy and social justice II
  • SWK4460 Critical and creative social work theory and practice
  • SWK4560 Fieldwork skills and practicum II (12 points)

* Requirements for majors/minors can vary. Students should refer to the 'Areas of study' section in the Arts section of this Handbook at


Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Social Work (with Honours)