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Monash University Handbook 2011 Postgraduate - Course

This course entry should be read in conjunction with information provided in the 'Faculty information' section of this Handbook by the Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Managing facultyPharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
Abbreviated titleGradDipWoundCare
Total credit points required48
Standard duration of study (years)4 years PT
Study mode and locationOff-campus (Parkville)
Admission, fee and application details
Contact details

Course coordinator

Adriana Tiziani


  • International students are only able to study this course in their country of residence, however they must also be able meet visa requirements to attend a compulsory week-long residential study block in Melbourne.
  • Part-time study only. The course is normally completed in two years.
  • Students are required to attend an on-campus/residential session.


This course is designed to provide the knowledge and skills to enable health professionals to effectively manage acute and chronic wounds. The course builds on the Graduate Certificate in Wound Care, and students have the opportunity to undertake elective units relevant to their area of practice.


At the completion of this course students will be able to:

  • demonstrate high level problem solving skill for clients with complex wounds
  • utilise a systematic approach to perform an advanced assessment of a client with a wound
  • develop an appropriate plan of wound care in collaboration with the client and the multidisciplinary team
  • demonstrate clinical competency in practical wound care techniques
  • evaluate the outcomes of care for clients with complex wounds.

Credit for prior studies

Applicants may apply for credit for prior studies undertaken in the previous five years. The maximum credit that can be awarded is 50 per cent of the requirements for the award. Students are normally granted full credit for units completed in the Graduate Certificate in Wound Care and are required to complete an additional four core units and six credit points of elective units to qualify for the Graduate Diploma in Wound Care. All applications for credit will be considered on an individual basis by the faculty.

Maximum credit allowed

24 credit points

Recognition of prior learning

No more than 25 per cent of the requirements for the award will normally be granted for credit based on recognition of prior learning. All applications for credit will be considered on an individual basis by the faculty.

Students are required to have the minimum system configuration specified by the Faculty as a condition of accepting admission, and regular Internet access.


Students are required to attend a five-day on-campus/residential session at the Parkville campus for PGW5127 (Practical wound care training and assessment). They will undertake supervised clinic observation and seminar workshops (theoretical and practical) in various aspects of wound related topics during this period.


Students complete:

  • nine core units (36 credit points)
  • elective units (12 credit points).


Core units

  • PGC5001 Evidence based practice
  • PGW1101 Biology of wound healing
  • PGW1102 Wound assessment
  • PGW1103 Wound dressings
  • PGW1104 Management of acute wounds
  • PGW1105 Management of chronic wounds
  • PGW5106 Systemic medication and wound healing
  • PGW5108 Nutrition and wound healing
  • PGW5127 Practical wound care training and assessment

Elective units

  • PGP5014 Clinical educator preparation
  • PGW1109 Dermatology
  • PGW1111 Alternative therapies
  • PGW1112 Scar management
  • PGW1113 Non-healing ulcers and pain management
  • PGW1116 Diabetic foot
  • PGW1123 Management of burns
  • PGW1126 Clinical risk management and wound care
  • PGW1130 Pressure ulcer prediction, prevention and management

Minimum grade for articulation

A minimum of a credit in all graduate diploma units and a minimum grade of 70 per cent in PGW5127 is required for articulation to the Master of Wound Care.

Progression to further studies

Students who achieve the required minimum grades may progress to course 2985 Master of Wound Care.

Alternative exit(s)

Students may exit with a Graduate Certificate in Wound Care if they have met the requirements for that course.


Graduate Diploma in Wound Care