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Monash University Handbook 2011 Postgraduate - Course

This course entry should be read in conjunction with information provided in the 'Faculty information' section of this Handbook by the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences

Managing facultyMedicine, Nursing and Health Sciences
Abbreviated titleMCPP
Total credit points required96
Standard duration of study (years)4 years PT
Study mode and locationOn-campus (Clayton)
Admission, fee and application details
Contact details

Mrs Jeanette Beaufoy, Monash University at Mindful Centre for Training and Research in Developmental Health: telephone +61 3 9371 0203; email:

Postgraduate course administrator: telephone +61 3 9903 4955; email or visit

Course coordinator

Ms Fiona Kelly


  • This course is not available to international student visa holders
  • Part-time study only. The course must be completed part-time in not less than three years and not more than six years.
  • A major component of this course is conducted off-campus at the Mindful Centre for Training and Research in Developmental Health, Flemington, Melbourne, Victoria.


This course is offered by the School of Psychology and Psychiatry. The aim of this degree is to provide the opportunity for practicing professionals from various disciplines to examine critically the theoretical and research bases of the practice of child psychotherapy in the context of ongoing clinical skills training in this area, to understand the issues of research methodology in this field, and to contribute to the body of knowledge in this field by means of a substantial piece of scholarship. The long-term objective is to raise the academic and clinical standard of child psychotherapy and encourage scholarship and research in the field.


On completion of the course graduates should be critical thinkers and be able to pursue lifelong learning and self directed professional development. They will:

  • be educated about the specific attitudes, knowledge and skills needed to effectively work in the area of child and adolescent mental health
  • be able to demonstrate a capacity to integrate and apply a knowledge and understanding of psychoanalytic and development theory to clinical material in the area of child and adolescent mental health to enable them to work effectively as child psychotherapists in this area
  • be able to conduct research and evaluation in clinical practice
  • have a broad understanding of the cultural differences that exist in our community and have culturally responsive skills in reflection on, and recording of, observations of infants, children and adolescents in both clinical and naturalistic settings
  • be able to identify areas of further development in regard to practical skills or research interests that may lead to further training.


Assessment of the coursework will be by continual evaluation based on evidence of attendance and participation, and the submission of assignments related to the units being undertaken for the degree. An integration of the various aspects of the unit is to be demonstrated in the students' clinical work. This may be supplemented by written and oral examinations.


This course comprises a combination of coursework and a minor research thesis.


First year

  • MCP0001 Child psychotherapy 1 year 1
  • MCP0002 Child psychotherapy 2 year 1

Second year

  • MCP0003 Child psychotherapy 3 year 2
  • MCP0004 Child psychotherapy 4 year 2

Third year

  • MCP0005 Child psychotherapy 5 year 3
  • MCP0006 Child psychotherapy 6 year 3

Fourth year

  • minor thesis

Coursework commitment

Students are required to complete three hours of coursework per week per semester over three years.

Clinical work requirement

Students undertake three hours supervision of psychotherapy work per week per semester over three years, plus each student is to have at least two children, two adolescents and two parents in psychotherapy during the course.

Research workshops

Attendance is required at a series of seminars and other workshops on research methodology, data analysis, and critical examination of the literature relevant to the field of child psychoanalytic psychotherapy and the planning, preparation and writing of the minor thesis.

Minor thesis

Candidates submit a substantial piece of individual scholarship in the form of a 48-point minor thesis of around 12,000 words at the end of their fourth year.


Master of Child Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy