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Monash University Handbook 2011 Postgraduate - Area of Study

Managing facultyFaculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences


Postgraduate study in the area of reproduction and development provides graduates in science, biomedical and health sciences, nursing, medicine and veterinary science, and other health professionals, with a detailed understanding of advanced theory in and clinical applications of the reproductive sciences, including emerging biotechnologies. Students will also receive training in laboratory skills and research experience.

Students in the Graduate Diploma of Reproductive Sciences study core and elective units delivered using a variety of teaching modes. Successful graduates qualify to proceed to the Master of Reproductive Sciences or the Master of Clinical Embryology.

The Master of Reproductive Sciences is a higher degree by research. Research may be undertaken in an area of human reproduction, animal reproduction, women's health, fetal and neonatal physiology, embryology, development, molecular and cellular endocrinology, stem cell biology, or reproductive toxicology.


For the schedule of units required to complete the two courses in this area of study, refer to the Handbook entry for the relevant course.

Note: students who have completed the Graduate Diploma of Reproductive Sciences and have been admitted into the Master of Reproductive Sciences are not required to complete the coursework component of the Masters program.

Relevant Courses

0101 Graduate Diploma in Reproductive Sciences

0100 Master of Reproductive Sciences

See also Area of Study: Clinical Embryology

2309 Master of Clinical Embryology