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Monash University

Monash University Handbook 2011 Postgraduate - Area of Study

Managing facultyFaculty of Law
Campus(es)City (Melbourne)
Course coordinatorProfessor Ann Monotti


The intellectual property specialisation is ideal for those wanting to gain accreditation as a trade marks or patent attorney, and for those wanting to advance their professional expertise in the ever evolving area of intellectual property law. Monash Law School teaches all the accredited units required for registration as a trade marks or a patent attorney.

New developments and advances in media, communications and the virtual world require that the law and the ramifications of emerging technology be understood and applied in a practical setting. Students completing studies in the specialisation will obtain grounding in the fundamental principles of intellectual property law and address advanced issues, including local and international developments of laws relating to the protection of intellectual property rights.


  • LAW7000 Minor thesis (25,000 - 30,000 words)
  • LAW7011 Copyright
  • LAW7028 International trade law
  • LAW7056 Competition law
  • LAW7071 Commercial alternative dispute resolution
  • LAW7075 Trade marks and commercial designations (*Topic group C)
  • LAW7077 International aspects of intellectual property
  • LAW7078 Graduate research paper
  • LAW7119 Patents for inventions (*Topic group E)
  • LAW7212 Australian legal system (non-law graduates only) (* Topic group A)
  • LAW7213 Law of the internet
  • LAW7221 Technology contracts and licensing law
  • LAW7223 Overview of intellectual property (*Topic group A)
  • LAW7224 Trade mark practice (*Topic group B or D)
  • LAW7244 Intellectual property and the internet
  • LAW7254 Design law and practice (*Topic group I)
  • LAW7309 Current issues in intellectual property
  • LAW7426 International copyright law
  • LAW7433 Patenting for commercialisation
  • LAW7436 Introduction to Australian legal process (international students only)
  • LAW7439 Human rights and intellectual property
  • LAW7451 International trade mark law
  • LAW7453E Innovation: Labour, competition and intellectual property law perspectives
  • LAW7456 Minor thesis (12,000 - 15,000 words)
  • LAW7452 Patent practice (*Topic group F)
  • LAW7465 Drafting patent specifications (*Topic group G)
  • LAW7466 Interpretation and validity of patent specifications (*Topic group H)

Units to be offered in Prato and Malaysia can be viewed at

*The knowledge requirements in the various topic groups needed for registration as a Patent Attorney or Trade Marks Attorney in Australia with the Australian Government's Professional Standards Board for Patent and Trade Marks Attorneys can be fulfilled by the listed units. Further information on registration is available at:

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Telephone: +61 3 9903 8500

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