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Monash University

Monash University Handbook 2011 Honours - Area of Study

Managing facultyFaculty of Arts
Offered byMonash European and EU Centre


Students are required to 48 points of study comprising a thesis (24 points) and coursework units to the value of 24 points.

The coursework units and the thesis topic are chosen in consultation with the European studies honours coordinator.



Students complete the following unit:

  • ATS4767 European and and European Union research project (24 points)

Coursework units

Students complete units to the value of 24 points from the following; all units are worth 6 points unless indicated otherwise:

  • APG4435 European Union: History, debates, politics
  • APG4436 Comparative regionalism
  • APG4437 Business, civil society and lobbying in the European Union
  • APG4438 The European Union and the world
  • APG4440 European study abroad part A
  • APG4441 European study abroad part B
  • APG4442 Intensive EU study in Europe
  • ATS4766 The idea of Europe (12 points)
  • ATS4770 Special reading course (European and European Union studies) (permission required, 12 points)
  • ATS4771 Advanced European studies in Europe part A
  • ATS4897 Researching the European Union from a global perspective
  • ATS4898 The EU and the Developing World

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Relevant Courses

  • 0003 Honours degree of Bachelor of Arts
  • 0204 Honours degree of Bachelor of Letters
  • 0082 The honours degree of Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws