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Monash University Handbook 2010

A broad range of science units and sequences are offered at the Clayton campus for the Bachelor of Science and related courses, taught by the faculties of Science, Arts, Information Technology, and Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences. Within the requirements of their course, students can construct a program of study to meet their individual needs and interests.

The entry for each science area of study includes the science units that are offered and the detailed requirements for the minor and major sequences*. Some recommendations are provided on particular choices of units. It is important that students plan their course by consulting these requirements and recommendations at every stage of their enrolment. Students should also consult individual unit entries for details of prerequisites, prohibitions and scheduling. Note that some sequences require the completion of additional prerequisite units beyond those that comprise the sequence. These additional units must be taken as elective units within the total credit points required for the degree.

Some entries for a science area of study may refer students to an associated area of study; in these instances the reference is to the relevant area of study for the same campus.

Occasional reference is made to desirable or prerequisite studies in the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) - those students who did not study the VCE should seek advice about unit choice for students with qualifications other than the VCE.

* If specific units must be studied, in each science area of study they are referred to by the full unit code and title in the first instance and by their code only thereafter. Where units can be chosen from a group of related units, these are referred to by the three-letter prefix common to all of the units in that group (eg ASP - astrophysics units).

Science major or minor sequences are offered at the Clayton campus in the following areas of study:

Other science units