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Monash University

Monash University Handbook 2010

Initial teacher education

Pre-service education of teachers is available at undergraduate and graduate levels, offering qualifications in early childhood, primary, secondary and adult learning. The faculty offers undergraduate programs leading to the award of a three or four-year bachelors degree, or four-year programs leading to the award of two bachelors degrees - one in education and the other from partner faculties including Art and Design, Arts, Business and Economics and Science. Whilst all double degrees can be completed in four years some will require students to overload as the program comprises units which total more than a standard four year load. There is also a program within the faculty leading to the dual award of an education and a sport and outdoor recreation degree. Students should note that the single sport and outdoor recreation course does not prepare them for teaching unless studied in a double-award program with an education degree that leads to a teaching qualification, or by subsequently completing a pre-service Graduate Diploma of Education.

Early childhood

Early childhood education is offered on the Peninsula campus and off-shore in Singapore. These courses prepare students to work in preschools, childcare centres, mobile kindergartens, family day care centres, and hospitals as play specialists.

The four-year Bachelor of Early Childhood Education is an innovative degree that prepares people to teach across the early childhood and primary years.

The Bachelor of Early Childhood Studies offers a three-year degree program that can be completed over two years full-time (or four years part-time), with recognition of prior learning (RPL) taking the place of at least the first year. The course is designed especially for those who already have a two-year recognised relevant qualification, and provides an articulated pathway from a TAFE associate diploma or equivalent.

An honours year may be undertaken by graduates of either course.

Primary teaching

Primary school teacher education is a four year, full-time course offered on the Peninsula and Gippsland campuses. This bachelor degree focuses on teaching and children's learning in the areas of arts, English, mathematics, health and physical education, science, humanities and technology. Students undertake a range of practical experiences in primary schools and other appropriate settings, with the opportunity to include discipline studies options during the course.

Middle school specialism (Gippsland)

Gippsland students have the option of completing a middle school specialisation where their four education electives will be replaced with two middle school units and two specialism units (for teaching years 7-10) related to their chosen discipline sequences. These students will be required to do 25 days placement in a secondary school, and 55 days  placement in a primary school.

Undergraduates can take a double degree combining a Bachelor of Education specialising in primary education with another bachelors degree. These double degrees are offered in collaboration with another faculty at the home campus of Peninsula or Gippsland or across two campuses (ie Peninsula and Clayton or Peninsula and Caulfield). An honours year may be undertaken by graduates of any of these courses.

Secondary teaching

Secondary teacher education courses are offered on the Clayton campus. Undergraduates can undertake a four-year double degree combining a Bachelor of Education (Secondary) with another bachelors degree. An honours year is available on completion of the double degree program.

Curriculum specialism units - Secondary teaching

Each student must choose two curriculum specialism units for study in Semester 2 of the fourth year of a double degree. Curriculum specialism units require a minimum minor sequence of tertiary undergraduate study (usually two units at first year and two units at second year). Students choose their curriculum specialism based on their major and minor studies in their undergraduate degree. Students are advised to consult the following list of curriculum specialism units together with the outlines for each unit and their prerequisites. This information should then be used to choose the appropriate prerequisite units in Semester 1, comprising of two core curriculum units or one core curriculum unit and one curriculum elective unit.

Students in doubt about the suitability of their qualifications for employment should check with the Registration and Accreditation unit of the Victorian Institute of Teaching (telephone +61 3 8601 5800), PO Box 531, Collins St West, Melbourne, Victoria 8007, Australia.

With permission from the course advisors, students may undertake study of curriculum specialism units in a combination of on-campus and off-campus modes.

Please note the following:

(i) The availability of any of the curriculum specialism units from year to year is dependent on the faculty's ability to provide appropriate tutorial assistance, supervision and teaching practice facilities.

Semester 1
Core curriculum units
  • EDF4110 Arts education
  • EDF4111 Business education
  • EDF4112 English language and literacy education
  • EDF4113 General science education
  • EDF4114 Health, sport and outdoor education
  • EDF4115 Information communication technologies and new media
  • EDF4116 Mathematics and numeracy education
  • EDF4117 Second language pedagogy
  • EDF4118 Social and environmental education
  • EDF4119 The world of Jewish education
Curriculum elective units
  • EDF4510 Connecting the curriculum
  • EDF4511 ESL in content areas
  • EDF4512 Gifted education
  • EDF4513 Indigenous and traditional education in a global world
  • EDF4514 Vocational and workplace learning
Semester 2
Curriculum specialism units

Adult learning

The Bachelor of Adult Learning and Development is offered from the Clayton campus. It is a unique three-year degree program based on adult learning principles that can be completed over two years, with recognition of prior learning (RPL) taking the place of the first year.

The course is specifically tailored for people aiming to become tertiary qualified practitioners who can enhance adult learning and facilitate the development of individuals, organisations, industry and local and global communities. Thus, it is designed for those already working with adult learners in diverse workplace and community settings (such as in TAFE, industry, private and ACE providers) who wish to upgrade their qualifications, gain recognition for prior experience and enhance their professional and career development.

Sport and outdoor recreation

The sport and outdoor recreation courses offered from the Peninsula campus prepare students to work in a variety of recreation and outdoor settings. The faculty offers the Bachelor of Sport and Outdoor Recreation as a single degree, or in double degrees with either a Bachelor of Education (Primary or Secondary) or a Bachelor of Business and Commerce, which also provide opportunities in traditional education and business settings.

Honours degree in education

An honours degree in education provides a foundation for students wishing to pursue higher degrees by research. A one-year full-time honours degree is available to students who have completed an undergraduate education degree.