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Monash University Handbook 2010 Postgraduate - Course

This course entry should be read in conjunction with information provided in the 'Faculty information' section of this Handbook by the Faculty of Arts

Managing facultyArts
Abbreviated titleMHSM
Total credit points required72
Standard duration of study (years)1.5 years FT, 3 years PT
Study mode and locationOff-campus (Gippsland)
Course coordinator

Karen Crinall


  • This course is not available to international student visa holders.


This course is designed to meet the needs of professionals in the social, community and human services sectors who have moved, or who wish to move, from direct practice into a managerial role.

The curriculum includes program planning and evaluation, management and leadership, strategic planning, development of quality standards and best practice models, human resource management, problem-solving and organisational culture and environment analysis. The course offers a unique focus on exploring the role, function and responsibilities of the human service organisation in rural, regional and urban environments. The course content is designed to allow students, whether local or in international agencies, to adapt topics and assignments to their own experience and professional context.


Students successfully completing this course will have:

  • a sound knowledge of diverse aspects of the academic discipline
  • an understanding of the world view of the field of study
  • a critical appreciation of the secondary literature in the field of study
  • a familiarity with many of the key texts and cultural products pertaining to the field of study
  • advanced reading and communication skills, both written and verbal
  • advanced analytical skills
  • a grasp of research methodology and ethics, and an ability to undertake a small, independent research project in one of the disciplines represented in the program.


This course consists of three core units and elective units. A maximum of 48 points must be taken at level four and minimum of 24 points at level five. Students will normally complete one 12-point unit per semester by off-campus learning. All units, except where indicated, are 12 points.


Level four

Core units

Students complete three of:

  • HSM4301 Program planning and evaluation in the human services
  • HSM4302 Management and leadership in the human services
  • HSM4303 Human services management: Structure and context
  • HSM4304 Human services management: Principles and process


Students complete one of:

  • HPL4503 International relations
  • HSM4305 Research methods for the human services*
  • SCY4801 Theory and practice in sociology

Note that prerequisites are required for some of the above electives.

A maximum of 12 points may be taken outside the Faculty of Arts as approved by the course coordinator.

Level five

Students complete a minimum of 24 points at level five from the following:

  • HSM5301 Human services research practicum
  • HSM5302 Human services research practicum (24-point option)*
  • HSM5303 Human services management: Structure and context
  • HSM5304 Human services management: Principles and process
  • HSM5305 Research methods for the human services

* Students intending to undertake HSM5302 will need approval from the course coordinator and will be required to complete HSM4305 at fourth level and achieve a distinction grade.

Alternative exit(s)

Students may apply to exit after successful completion of:

  • 24 points with course 3788 Faculty Certificate in Human Services Management
  • 48 points with course 3789 Graduate Diploma in Human Services Management.


Master of Human Services Management