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Monash University Handbook 2010 Undergraduate - Course

This course entry should be read in conjunction with information provided in the 'Faculty information' section of this Handbook by the Faculty of Education

Managing facultyEducation
Abbreviated titleBCom/BEd
CRICOS code064784M
Total credit points required204
Standard duration of study (years)4 years FT, 8 years PT
Study mode and locationOn-campus (Clayton)
Contact details

Education: telephone +61 3 9905 2888, email

Commerce: telephone +61 9905 2327.

Course coordinator

Dr Ian Mitchell (Year 1-3) and Mr Stephen Keast (Year 4) (Education), Dr Ross Booth (Business and Economics)


  • In order to complete the degree within four years it is necessary for students to overload by 12 points in the fourth year.
  • This course requires students to undertake off-campus placements.


In the process of studying this double-degree course, students will engage in a range of teaching and learning approaches, in university and fieldwork settings. On completion of the program of studies, graduates will have a sound preparation for entry into the business and/or the education and training professions.


Upon successful completion of this course it is expected that students will:

  • have developed rich and integrated theoretical perspectives on teaching and learning as well as the culture and contexts of schooling
  • have linked these theoretical perspectives to different educational contexts and be able to use these linkages to inform and develop their practice
  • have developed a high level of competence as knowledgeable, reflective, research oriented and articulate practitioners
  • be self-sufficient and independent as beginning teachers in a secondary context generally and in the specific areas of humanities education that they select for study in their Bachelor of Commerce.

For objectives of the Commerce component of this double degree refer to Bachelor of Commerce single degree entry.


The course includes a minimum of 80 days of placement, with some placement being undertaken in each year of the course. In first, second and third year, placements are tied to education units offered. In fourth year, the 50 days of placement are tied to the four professional experience units. These placements involve a program of field visits to different educational sites and include structured teaching experience.

Students must be available to undertake these on a full-time basis for several weeks at a time. For full-time students placement is typically conducted in two blocks of five weeks, one each semester. For part-time students it is typically conducted in four blocks of two to three weeks, one block in each of four semesters. These units are taken concurrently with enrolment in the core curriculum units and the curriculum specialism units. They provide supervised teaching practice in the teaching area of the student's curriculum units while on school placement.

Students who are employed in schools must complete at least 25 days of supervised school placement in a setting other than the school at which they are employed.

Professional recognition

Graduates will be eligible for registration and employment as secondary school teachers in Victoria. For interstate and overseas positions, applicants are advised to check with local authorities.

The Bachelor of Commerce component of this degree is recognised by the following legal entities:*

  • Australian Institute of Management
  • Australian Marketing Institute
  • Australian Securities and Investments Commission
  • Financial Services Institute of Australasia
  • CPA Australia
  • The Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia.

For further details see:

* Professional recognition may be dependent upon work experience requirements and the correct choice of units.


Students complete a major specialisation in accounting, economics or management taught by the Faculty of Business and Economics and should ensure that their commerce unit choices meet the requirements of their chosen teaching specialisations. The three teaching specialisations available include economics, accounting and business management.

To receive the awards of Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Education, a candidate must successfully complete units totalling 204 points from the Faculty of Education and the Faculty of Business and Economics (Clayton), consisting of the following:

(a.) 16 units (96 points) from the Faculty of Business and Economics in the Bachelor of Commerce at the Clayton campus as follows:

(i.) six compulsory common core units (36 points)

  • AFC1000 Principles of accounting and finance
  • BTC1110 Business law
  • ECC1000 Principles of microeconomics
  • ETC1000 Business and economic statistics
  • MGC1010 Introduction to management
  • MKC1200 Principles of marketing

(ii.) at least two units from the following list (12 points)

  • AFC1030 Introduction to financial accounting or AFC2140 Corporate finance
  • ECC1100 Principles of macroeconomics
  • ETC1010 Data modelling and computing
  • MGC1020 Organisations: Contexts and strategies

(iii.) a major of eight units (48 points) *

  • the major must be selected from economics, accounting or management
  • at least two units (12 points) must be completed at each of second and third-year levels

* Depending on the major chosen, one or more of the units in the major may have already been studied as part of the group of common core units - where this is the case, students will complete additional unit/s as detailed below.

(iv.) additional units from the Faculty of Business and Economics in the Bachelor of Commerce at the Clayton campus to reach the required minimum of 16 units.

Note: Requirements to meet the prerequisites for specialist discipline teaching units are:

  • at least four units (24 points) in one of accounting, economics or management.

Refer to the Bachelor of Commerce entry at or contact the Business and Economics faculty office for advice.

Additional Bachelor of Commerce degree requirements:

  • a maximum of eight first-year level units (48 points)
  • a minimum of four third-year level units (24 points) from those offered by the Faculty of Business and Economics at the Clayton campus
  • in addition to specific unit prerequisites, second-year level units require the successful completion of three first-year level units and third-year level units require the successful completion of two second-year level units.

b.) studies in education (108 points) chosen from the Faculty of Education.

Students need to be aware that their major and minor studies in commerce must satisfy the requirements for the study of two curriculum specialism units in their fourth year and the requirements for employment laid down by the Victorian Institute of Teaching. Students are advised to consult the VIT website at in consultation with their course advisor.

Generally, to qualify for a secondary teaching discipline, a candidate will require a minimum of two years of full-time academic study in that discipline. There are additional requirements for some disciplines.

Progressively over the course, students will complete more of the education component, until the final year which is composed entirely of education studies, including professional placements.


First year

  • EDF1303 Learning and educational inquiry 1
  • EDF1304 Learning and educational inquiry 2
  • 36 points of approved commerce studies

Second year

  • EDF2004 Curriculum inquiry
  • EDF2005 Professional responsibilities, practice and relationships
  • 36 points of approved commerce studies

Third year

  • EDF3006 Adolescent development and learning
  • EDF3007 Mediating the world of learning
  • EDF3008 Researching educational practices
  • EDF3009 Schooling: Local - global
  • 24 points of approved commerce studies

Fourth year

  • EDF4004 Curriculum and assessment (core education unit)
  • EDF4006 Professional engagement (core education unit)
  • EDF41xx Core curriculum unit
  • EDF41xx Core curriculum unit or EDF45xx Curriculum elective unit
  • EDF44xx Curriculum specialism unit 1
  • EDF44xx Curriculum specialism unit 2
  • EDF4730 Professional experience 1A and EDF4731 Professional experience 1B
  • EDF4733 Professional experience 2A and EDF4734 Professional experience 2B
  • two general electives from the list at

Students must have their program of study approved by the course adviser prior to commencement of the relevant year.


Bachelor of Commerce

Bachelor of Education