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Bachelor of Communication/Bachelor of Information Technology and Systems

Course code: 3909 ~ Course abbreviation: BComn/BITS ~ Total credit points required: 192 ~ 4 years full-time, 8 years part-time ~ Managing faculty: Arts

Study mode and course location

On-campus (Berwick)

Course description

This double degree course allows students to qualify with both the Bachelor of Communication and Bachelor of Information Technology and Systems degrees.

The course provides major studies in the theory, practice, technology and research techniques of mass communications together with studies in the design and development of multimedia systems.

Course objectives

Students develop an understanding of the practical operations of the media, the social and cultural dimensions of mass communications, and the audiences, producers and policy-makers.

The course aims to produce graduates who satisfy the IT needs of industry, government and business, and who can expect employment as IT professionals in the fields of applications programming, systems programming, systems analysis, networks and network management, information and knowledge management, project management, data communications, database design and management, multimedia and a range of specialised positions, according to the major study selected. Students develop their knowledge, skills and attitudes in the broad areas of software development, computer technology, networks and data communications, and information systems.

Course structure

Areas of study

For information on majors and minors, refer to the `Areas of study' section on the Arts faculty website at

Course requirements

Communication component

Students must complete 96 points, including the following:

(a) a major in communication (48 points)

(b) a first-year sequence in film and television studies; FTV1010 (Contemporary television studies) and FTV1050 (Contemporary film studies)

(c) a minor in an arts discipline (24 points)

(d) additional elective arts studies (12 points).

Information technology and systems component

Students must complete 96 points, including the following:

(a) seven core IT units:

(b) a major in multimedia applications:

Students cannot graduate from either degree until they have satisfied the above requirements and successfully completed studies to the value of 144 points. Students undertaking the above double-degree program are permitted to count up to 48 points of the other faculty's component towards those 144 points. Students must also complete at least 36 points at third-year level to meet Bachelor of Communication requirements.

Note that students have a maximum of 10 years to complete this course.

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