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FTV1010 - Contemporary Television Studies

6 points, SCA Band 1, 0.125 EFTSL

Undergraduate Faculty of Arts

Leader: Therese Davis


Berwick Second semester 2008 (Day)
Caulfield Second semester 2008 (Day)
Clayton Second semester 2008 (Day)
Sunway Second semester 2008 (Day)


Employing textual criticism, critical theory and theories of political economy, this unit will introduce a variety of approaches to the study of television. It will consider the phenomenon of television through a critical approach to the forms specific to broadcast television through an understanding of recent theories relating to popular culture. These include issues of history, genre, context , consumerism and audiences. Attention will also be given to the cultural and economic forces that shape and are reflected in the structuring of television programs and networks.


By the completion of this unit students will be expected to demonstrate: a critical understanding of forms specific to broadcast television; an understanding of theories relating to popular culture as they inform television studies; a knowledge of the cultural and economic forces which shape and are reflected in the structuring of Australian and wider television networks; a knowledge of the issues of new media that problematise traditional television theory; an ability to critically engage with written and televisual texts in a clear and confident manner in both written and oral presentation.


First essay (1200 words): 20%
Second essay (2300 words): 50%
Visual test (1 hour): 20%
Tutorial participation: 10%

Contact hours

1 x 1-hour lecture, 1-hour tutorial, 2-hour screening per week

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