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Master of Medical Radiations (Nuclear Medicine)

Course code: 3889 ~ Course abbreviation: MMedRad(NucMed) ~ Total credit points required: 72 ~ 6 semesters part-time ~ Managing faculty: Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences

Study mode and course location

Off-campus (Clayton - P/T only)

Course description

This course, offered by the Department of Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences, aims to prepare suitably qualified graduates to assume practice as nuclear medicine scientists able to work in private and public nuclear medicine practices.

Course objectives

A graduate from the Master of Medical Radiations (Nuclear Medicine) program will be able to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the following: the scientific concepts and principles underpinning nuclear medicine imaging and non-imaging equipment; the principles of radiation dosimetry; the risks and benefits related to the use of radiopharmaceuticals; physiology, gross and sectional anatomy, pathophysiology and radiopharmaceutical biodistribution; radiation safety and occupational health and safety legislation; the role of professional standards of conduct; requirements of appropriate legal and ethical frameworks; and Australian nuclear medicine practice and standards and how these may differ from those in other countries. Graduates will be able to: implement and perform diagnostic, therapeutic and laboratory based nuclear medicine procedures and techniques; identify key anatomical structures on images acquired from a range of imaging modalities and to interpret these images to identify a range of clinically significant pathologies; use a patient centred approach; work in a multidisciplinary team using both leadership and collaboration skills; implement and monitor quality assurance programs; critically analyse and resolve workplace challenges and issues; access and evaluate research information; identify relevant research issues and design and implement an ethically sound research project; and recognize their role and impact as a nuclear medicine scientist.

Course structure

This course commences mid year (semester 2) each year and study is required over summer semester.

Course requirements

Year one

Semester 2
  • MMR4000 Physics and instrumentation 1
  • MMR4010 Professional practice 1
  • NMS4021 Nuclear medicine and radiopharmacy 1
Summer Semester
Semester 1

Year two

Semester 2
  • NMS5000 Nuclear medicine and radiopharmacy 2
  • MMR5010 Clinical studies 4
Summer Semester
  • NMS5020 Nuclear medicine and radiopharmacy 3
  • MMR5022 Clinical studies 5
Semester 1
  • MMR5024 Evidence based practice in medical radiations
  • MMR5025 Clinical studies 6


Assessment includes written assignments, theory exams, clinical skills examinations and presentations.

Contact details

School of Biomedical Sciences office: telephone +61 3 9905 8635; email or visit

Course coordinator

Ms Elizabeth Parkinson