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Graduate Diploma in Health Economics and Policy

Course code: 3807 ~ Course abbreviation: GradDipHlthEcon ~ Total credit points required: 48 ~ 1 year full-time, 2 years part-time ~ Managing faculty: Business and Economics

Study mode and course location

Off-campus (Clayton)

    Course description

This course is designed for health professionals and health policy makers wishing to further their knowledge and/or extend their formal qualifications in health economics.

Course objectives

The learning goals associated with this course are to: acquire a rigorous and theoretical grounding in the disciplines of economics, health economics, and health policy and apply these to the analysis of health care policy and institutions; demonstrate analytical skills in economics and an appreciation of the role of incentives in the achievement of health care objectives; demonstrate technical skills in economic evaluation to promote an efficient and equitable health care system; analyse the role of consumers, funders and providers in the health care sector; examine health care institutions and the role of government from an economic perspective; analyse health policy with respect to distributional and equity objectives.

    Course structure

Course requirements

(a) Students must complete five core units (30 points):

  • ECG9102 Introductory macroeconomic theory and policy
  • ECX9120 Introductory microeconomic theory and policy
  • ECX9700 Introduction to health economic
  • ECX9741 Applied health economics and health policy

plus one of the following units:

  • ECX9710 Pharmaceutical economics
  • ECX9730 Economic evaluation in health care

(b) students must complete three elective units (18 points) as follows:

  • ECG9170 Issues in labour economics
  • ECX9720 Introduction to epidemiology & biostatistics
  • ECX9750 Principles of health economics for developing countries
  • MGX9230 Public policy
  • MGX9370 Policy analysis
  • MPH1040 Introductory epidemiology
  • MPH1041 Introductory biostatistics
  • MPH2042 Organisations and health
  • MPH2065 Law for health systems
  • MPH2067 Principles of health care quality improvement
  • MPH2068 Financial issues in health care management
  • MPH2069 Health systems policy
  • MPH2072 Reform and development of health services
  • MPH2074 Introduction to clinical research methods
  • MPH2075 Health risk management and communication
  • MPH2083 Ethics, good research practice and practical research methods

Note: This is not an exclusive list of possible electives. Students may contact the course coordinator to seek permission to include other elective units in their study program.

It is also recommended that students consult with the course coordinator to ensure their elective units form a coherent study program.

    Contact details

Centre for Health Economics: telephone +61 3 9905 0733; email:

Course coordinator

Ms Jennifer Watts