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Bachelor of Mechatronics Engineering and Bachelor of Arts

Course code: 3281 ~ Course abbreviation: BMechatronicsEng/BA ~ Total credit points required: 252 ~ 5 years full-time, 10 years part-time ~ Managing faculty: Engineering

Study mode and course location

On-campus (Clayton)

Course description

Students complement studies in mechatronics engineering by selecting units from the Faculty of Arts.

Course objectives

This course enables students to complement studies in mechatronics engineering by selecting units from the very wide range of disciplines offered by the Faculty of Arts in the humanities, social sciences and communication. Language programs are aimed at engineers who wish to position themselves to take advantage of opportunities in industry and government requiring multilingual skills. There are obvious advantages also in the combination of issues related to visual culture, use of computer aids and techniques in civil engineering, which enables engineers to enhance their ability to cooperate with architects in the design of building structures.

Course structure

In the first level of study, candidates should take level 1 engineering units worth 36 points and a 12 point first level sequence in an arts discipline. Thereafter, candidates may structure their courses as they wish, having regard to the constraints imposed by timetabling and the need to satisfy prerequisites for later level units. The latter will probably require most candidates to take some engineering and some arts units in each level of study. Candidates in language disciplines are advised to ensure continuity of language study.

The arts component of this double-degree will require 96 points. All disciplines must be chosen from those taught by the Faculty of Arts as listed in the 'Areas of study' section of the faculty website at

Should a student discontinue the double-degree program and seek to take out either of the single degrees, it will be necessary to complete all of the requirements of that single degree.

The large majority of students entering the faculty have completed the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE), and references in the following paragraphs are to the prerequisite VCE subjects. Some domestic and international students enter the faculty with equivalent qualifications, and advice about unit choice for students with qualifications other than the VCE may be obtained from the faculty administration offices. Foundation units are required for students who have not completed appropriate VCE studies.

Course requirements

Students require a total of 252 points, of which not less than 156 points must be obtained from the engineering units listed below.

The arts component requires 96 points, consisting of a major (48 points), a minor (24 points), an additional first level sequence (12 points) and a further 12 points of arts units.

First level

Core units
  • ENG1030 Electrical systems
  • ENG1040 Engineering dynamics
  • ENG1050 Engineering materials
  • ENG1060 Computing for engineers
  • ENG1091 Mathematics for engineering
  • 12 points of first level arts units
Foundation units

Plus (depending on VCE subjects completed) none or one foundation unit from:

Elective unit

If a foundation unit is not required:

Total: 48 points

Second level

Eng: 24 points

Third level

Eng: 24 points

Fourth level

Eng: 42 points

Fifth level

Eng: 30 points

Contact details

Telephone +61 3 9905 3404, email or visit

Course adviser