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Master of Business Systems

Course code: 2400 ~ Course abbreviation: MBusSys ~ Total credit points required: 72 ~ 3 years part-time ~ Managing faculty: Information Technology

Study mode and course location

Off-campus (Gippsland)

Course description

This off-campus version of the Master of Business Systems*, offered by the Gippsland School of Information Technology, aims to provide an extended education and training in methods used in the design, development and applications of computer systems for the management of business operations. It is intended for those with a first qualification on any discipline area, to develop information technology knowledge.

    * It may be possible for students who wish to, to transfer from the off-campus course to the on-campus course at Clayton.

Course objectives

This course enables students to further develop analytical and problem solving skills gained during undergraduate studies and to prepare themselves for work as business and information technology professionals. Students will gain or improve understanding of the importance of information technology in a modern business environment from the lowest operational to the highest strategic level. They will understand the theoretical basis of modern information management and technology sufficient to facilitate future specialised education and training in the field and life long learning, and will develop advanced skills and knowledge in one or more specialised areas of business systems.

The course sets out to develop and enhance students' skills in a variety of areas including formulation and implementation of effective business solutions using various techniques, effective communication of business solutions to both business and technical professionals, identification and evaluation of business decision problems and information sources, and technical information technology skills such as system modelling, programming and database design.

Students will gain knowledge in areas such as the characteristics of various commercially relevant information technology techniques and products, various techniques for supporting business problem-solving and management, and current trends and possible or expected future developments in the business application of information technology.

Credit for prior studies

Generally, students who have completed similar units in previous studies will be required to make substitutions. Credit will only be granted for postgraduate units that have not counted for the award of any other degree or diploma. Where credit is granted, the number of the non-business systems elective units that can be taken is reduced.

Applicants who hold an honours degree in Business Systems or Business Information Systems from Monash University or Graduate Diploma in Business Systems from Monash University will normally be granted credit equivalent to four units (24 points).

Course structure

Course requirements

Students complete 12 units as follows (all units 6 points):

(a) four foundation units:

  • FIT9003 Database systems design
  • FIT9004 Computer programming for business
  • FIT9005 Computer architecture and networks
  • FIT9006 Information technology management

(b) six business systems postgraduate elective units (level 4 or above) from the list of off-campus learning units below

(c) two postgraduate general electives - these must be level 4 or higher units offered by any school within the university (including the Faculty of Information Technology). Units outside the Gippsland School of Information Technology and the Clayton School of Information Technology may only be taken with permission of the course coordinator and the school responsible for the unit.

Course completion requires:

  • a total of at least 36 points from the list of approved off-campus units (given below) or, with the approval of the course coordinator, taken from the business systems units offered by the Clayton School of Information Technology
  • a total of at least 24 points taken at level 5
  • a total of at least 60 points from the Faculty of Information Technology (including units from Gippsland School of Information Technology and business systems units from the Clayton School of Information Technology).

Business systems postgraduate off-campus electives

  • FIT4005 IT Research methods
  • FIT4022 Computer models for business decisions
  • FIT4024 Business statistics and applications
  • FIT5019 Financial modelling
  • FIT5021 Internet commerce
  • FIT5022 Project management
  • FIT5024 Applications of data mining
  • FIT5083 Wireless communication and networks

Students may select from the on-campus units of the Clayton School of Information Technology with permission of the course director.

Exit awards

Students wishing to exit the Master of Business Systems early may apply to graduate with the:

  • Graduate Certificate in Business Systems after successful completion of 24 points of study from the MBusSys graduate units, or
  • Graduate Diploma in Business Systems, after successful completion of 48 points of study, of which at least 36 points are from graduate units within the MBusSys,

provided they have satisfied the requirements for these awards.

Professional recognition

This course is accredited by the Australian Computer Society (ACS) as meeting the standard of knowledge for professional-level membership.

Contact details

Course coordinator

Dr Iqbal Gondal