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Bachelor of Music/Bachelor of Laws

Course code: 1497 ~ Course abbreviation: BMus/LLB ~ Total credit points required: 258 ~ 5 years full-time, 10 years part-time ~ Managing faculty: Law

Study mode and course location

On-campus (Clayton)

Course description

This double-degree program allows students to qualify with both the Bachelor of Music degree and the Bachelor of Laws degree in a minimum of five years of study. The study of law develops problem-solving skills and powers of analysis. It teaches precise and imaginative use of language. It also promotes ethical thinking and a focus on justice and fairness. It enhances students' thinking, reasoning and expressive abilities within legal and related contexts, leading to employment in the legal profession, law reform agencies, government service or other relevant areas of employment.

Course objectives

The objectives of the LLB program at Monash are to enable students to gain an understanding of basic legal concepts and legal institutions and of the historical, social, political and economic factors influencing their development. Upon completion of the LLB, students will be able to identify, use and evaluate the concepts, principles, rules and methods used in legal argument and will have developed oral and written skills, especially of legal argument, legal research and critical analysis. Students will have gained an understanding of concepts of justice, a concern to promote justice and an appreciation of their professional responsibilities.

The music component contains both theoretical and practical modules that prepare graduates for a range of roles within the music industry.

Course structure

The Bachelor of Laws course consists of 12 compulsory units which must be completed by all students enrolled in an LLB program plus a further six 'quasi-compulsory' units which must be completed by students who wish to be qualified for admission to practice as a barrister or solicitor in Victoria. The remainder of the program consists of law elective units chosen by the student. The music component requires that students complete 102 points of study, including 15 compulsory units and two elective units.

Course requirements

First year - 48 points

Plus two of the following units:

  • MUS1040 American music and popular culture and MUS 1060 Gamelan performing arts, or
  • MUS1120 Ensemble studies I and MUS 1130 Ensemble studies II

Second year - 48 points

Third year - 54 points

  • LAW2201 Torts A
  • LAW2202 Torts B
  • LAW3301 Criminal law and procedure A
  • LAW3302 Criminal law B
  • MUS3390 Music aesthetics, criticism, sociology and psychology
  • MUS3980 Chief practical study V
  • MUS3990 Chief practical study VI
  • 12 points of third-year-level music electives in approved combinations of music performance, composition, musicology and ethnomusicology

Fourth year - 54 points

Fifth year - 54 points

Students have a maximum time limit of 10 years to complete the course from the date of commencement.

Course progression requirements

Students may graduate with the Bachelor of Music, or undertake honours in music* at the end of three years of study, provided they have met the requirements of the Bachelor of Arts program and completed a minimum of 144 points of total study.

    * See the course entry for The honours degree of Bachelor of Music (Honours)/Bachelor of Laws.

Contact details

Undergraduate student services, telephone +61 3 9905 3300, visit or email